October 20, 2011

Rainy Fall AM

It's cold & rainy this morning - my robe & HOT coffee are so welcome - I am in the middle of sooo many quilts that I MUST get to the sewing machine today.  I'm also taking a cake decorating class (why, I'm not sure!!) so I may do some cupcakes for my son away at college.
Enjoy the day - sunshine or rain!!

September 11, 2010

Busy, Busy!!

OK - I need to get in the swing of this blogging - wonder when!!??

I need to mention a new blog I found - Bee In My Bonnet - fun quilt ideas!!  Thanks Lori!!

August 21, 2010

Quiet Saturday

No one is home today - Meredith working; Bret & Kevin are in Napolean Ohio for Water Polo so I am trying to fill the day.  I have been sewing in the basement - I have 9 aprons to make & I'm half way done with the 3rd one!!  UGHHH!!!  I also have some hand-sewing to do to finish a baby quilt for GOod Sam NICU so I will work on that too.  The guys will be home in time for supper so I will test a new fryer (french fries!!).  Not much else to report.

Bret begins his Senior year of high school on Monday - lots of 'lasts' for me this year as he will graduate in May & head off to college this time next year!!

Spent the afternoon with good friend Martha Atwater yesterday - she is home in Dayton for her 30th high school reunion.  Had a great visit - I ALWAYS love time with Martha!!!

August 17, 2010

25 Years!!

25 years ago today I married Kevin Keefe - a great guy that has made my life wonderful - thanks to him for the laughter, support, care, shoulder, fun & love he has given me on this journey we share together.  I'm grateful to have you next to me, big guy!!!

Castleton United Methodist Church - Indianapolis IN
August 17, 1985

August 10, 2010

A Day Off - sort of!!

I work a part-time job at a coffeehouse in the Community Center - I'm usually there 3 mornings a week.  Today I am off with an afternoon commitment to serve an inner-city mission center for their back-to-school supply drive.  I'm not sure what to do all am - do I finish my chapter's PEO yearbook, sew aprons for a friend that is moving, go grocery shopping, start the laundry, read the book I'm in to, write letters to out of touch friends - the list goes on!!
I'll finish my cup of coffee & get a plan!!  I really only have the morning free as I need to be downtown at 12:30 & then I have an evening meeting - so really, I don't have the day off - I just don't have anything for a few hours - I'll do good just to get the kitchen cleaned & mail sorted!!
Maybe Friday - no, PEO gals here for lunch & meeting & shop for church lunch on Sat (feeding folks after we serve at Matthew 25!!) -

Meredith & Breton, my children at Porter wedding this past Saturday.

August 9, 2010

Monday Morning

Well, it's Monday & there is a bit of 'excitement' in the air - my son, Breton begins conditioning for water polo today - he will be a Senior this year & is very excited about being a Varsity player & a leader on his team.  He is also going with his buddy Matt to the Reds vs Cards game tonight - he's loving life!!  Kevin has his bags packed to be in Harrisburg PA for a few days & Meredith is off for the day - if I had to bet, I'd say she will lay in the sun & watch some TV.  I am headed to the CC for a walk on the treadmill, then a short shift at HomeMade Dreams Coffeehouse where I work part-time - I help with the baking & food prep along with counter service for food & drink.  This afternoon I meet with another gal from the church Building Committee to get the bookcases & conference table for the new addition on order - we hope to shop for a rug too.  Then this evening I will go to a going away party for Ben & Amy Savage & their 3 kids - they are moving to Colorado at the end of the week!!  WHEW!!  I'm tired already!!!

I hope this Monday brings productivity & excitement to your home --  Mondays are a great time to re-evaluate your direction & come up with a plan - you've then got 6 days to try to accomplish it!!  Good Luck!!!