August 10, 2010

A Day Off - sort of!!

I work a part-time job at a coffeehouse in the Community Center - I'm usually there 3 mornings a week.  Today I am off with an afternoon commitment to serve an inner-city mission center for their back-to-school supply drive.  I'm not sure what to do all am - do I finish my chapter's PEO yearbook, sew aprons for a friend that is moving, go grocery shopping, start the laundry, read the book I'm in to, write letters to out of touch friends - the list goes on!!
I'll finish my cup of coffee & get a plan!!  I really only have the morning free as I need to be downtown at 12:30 & then I have an evening meeting - so really, I don't have the day off - I just don't have anything for a few hours - I'll do good just to get the kitchen cleaned & mail sorted!!
Maybe Friday - no, PEO gals here for lunch & meeting & shop for church lunch on Sat (feeding folks after we serve at Matthew 25!!) -

Meredith & Breton, my children at Porter wedding this past Saturday.

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