August 21, 2010

Quiet Saturday

No one is home today - Meredith working; Bret & Kevin are in Napolean Ohio for Water Polo so I am trying to fill the day.  I have been sewing in the basement - I have 9 aprons to make & I'm half way done with the 3rd one!!  UGHHH!!!  I also have some hand-sewing to do to finish a baby quilt for GOod Sam NICU so I will work on that too.  The guys will be home in time for supper so I will test a new fryer (french fries!!).  Not much else to report.

Bret begins his Senior year of high school on Monday - lots of 'lasts' for me this year as he will graduate in May & head off to college this time next year!!

Spent the afternoon with good friend Martha Atwater yesterday - she is home in Dayton for her 30th high school reunion.  Had a great visit - I ALWAYS love time with Martha!!!

August 17, 2010

25 Years!!

25 years ago today I married Kevin Keefe - a great guy that has made my life wonderful - thanks to him for the laughter, support, care, shoulder, fun & love he has given me on this journey we share together.  I'm grateful to have you next to me, big guy!!!

Castleton United Methodist Church - Indianapolis IN
August 17, 1985

August 10, 2010

A Day Off - sort of!!

I work a part-time job at a coffeehouse in the Community Center - I'm usually there 3 mornings a week.  Today I am off with an afternoon commitment to serve an inner-city mission center for their back-to-school supply drive.  I'm not sure what to do all am - do I finish my chapter's PEO yearbook, sew aprons for a friend that is moving, go grocery shopping, start the laundry, read the book I'm in to, write letters to out of touch friends - the list goes on!!
I'll finish my cup of coffee & get a plan!!  I really only have the morning free as I need to be downtown at 12:30 & then I have an evening meeting - so really, I don't have the day off - I just don't have anything for a few hours - I'll do good just to get the kitchen cleaned & mail sorted!!
Maybe Friday - no, PEO gals here for lunch & meeting & shop for church lunch on Sat (feeding folks after we serve at Matthew 25!!) -

Meredith & Breton, my children at Porter wedding this past Saturday.

August 9, 2010

Monday Morning

Well, it's Monday & there is a bit of 'excitement' in the air - my son, Breton begins conditioning for water polo today - he will be a Senior this year & is very excited about being a Varsity player & a leader on his team.  He is also going with his buddy Matt to the Reds vs Cards game tonight - he's loving life!!  Kevin has his bags packed to be in Harrisburg PA for a few days & Meredith is off for the day - if I had to bet, I'd say she will lay in the sun & watch some TV.  I am headed to the CC for a walk on the treadmill, then a short shift at HomeMade Dreams Coffeehouse where I work part-time - I help with the baking & food prep along with counter service for food & drink.  This afternoon I meet with another gal from the church Building Committee to get the bookcases & conference table for the new addition on order - we hope to shop for a rug too.  Then this evening I will go to a going away party for Ben & Amy Savage & their 3 kids - they are moving to Colorado at the end of the week!!  WHEW!!  I'm tired already!!!

I hope this Monday brings productivity & excitement to your home --  Mondays are a great time to re-evaluate your direction & come up with a plan - you've then got 6 days to try to accomplish it!!  Good Luck!!!

August 7, 2010

Saturday Morning

I am awake in a quiet house - I'm the early to bed, early to rise one & everyone else (Kevin, Mere & Bret) stay up late & sleep in - so I get my computer work out of the way & get a plan for the day.  Today we all are going to the wedding of good friend's - the couple being married are high school friends of Meredith's & the parents of both are members of our church family & good friends.  It will be a wonderful day for all of us!!!  Then I think we all go separate ways - Bret to a Chrysalis HOOT, Mere , not sure & Kevin & I maybe dinner out.

Happy Wedding Sara & Brian!!
Happy Day Jody, Gary, Cathy, Andy, Mary, David!!

Sara V & Meredith as Seniors in high school - now college graduates!!
Today she will be a beautiful bride!!

Meredith & Brian at Senior Prom - 4 years ago!!  Today he will be Sara V's groom!!!

August 5, 2010

Getting Started

OK - it's 7:17 on a stormy August morning - I have piles of 'to-do's' all over my desk (actually, all over the house!) but somehow I am drawn to starting a blog - a place to share my day with you - I'd love for you to share your day with me.  Life is too short, too precious, too special to ever think we have to do any of this on our own - without support & ideas from others.

First of all, the name of my blog is the only nickname I've ever had - my name is Jill & my dad Jack (yep, Jack & Jill!!) has always called me Dilly Do - not sure why but it is sorta cute!!  Second, I want you to know I'm not sure where this is going to go so let's do this together!!!  I'm open to suggestions, criticisms (careful!!) and FUN!!

I'm going to stop at this & think on this all day - see what I'm moved to write about.  
Enjoy Thursday!!!

Me & Dad Jack almost 25 years ago on my wedding day (Aug 17, 1985) -
I love you Jack!!    Your Dilly Do