August 5, 2010

Getting Started

OK - it's 7:17 on a stormy August morning - I have piles of 'to-do's' all over my desk (actually, all over the house!) but somehow I am drawn to starting a blog - a place to share my day with you - I'd love for you to share your day with me.  Life is too short, too precious, too special to ever think we have to do any of this on our own - without support & ideas from others.

First of all, the name of my blog is the only nickname I've ever had - my name is Jill & my dad Jack (yep, Jack & Jill!!) has always called me Dilly Do - not sure why but it is sorta cute!!  Second, I want you to know I'm not sure where this is going to go so let's do this together!!!  I'm open to suggestions, criticisms (careful!!) and FUN!!

I'm going to stop at this & think on this all day - see what I'm moved to write about.  
Enjoy Thursday!!!

Me & Dad Jack almost 25 years ago on my wedding day (Aug 17, 1985) -
I love you Jack!!    Your Dilly Do

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