August 7, 2010

Saturday Morning

I am awake in a quiet house - I'm the early to bed, early to rise one & everyone else (Kevin, Mere & Bret) stay up late & sleep in - so I get my computer work out of the way & get a plan for the day.  Today we all are going to the wedding of good friend's - the couple being married are high school friends of Meredith's & the parents of both are members of our church family & good friends.  It will be a wonderful day for all of us!!!  Then I think we all go separate ways - Bret to a Chrysalis HOOT, Mere , not sure & Kevin & I maybe dinner out.

Happy Wedding Sara & Brian!!
Happy Day Jody, Gary, Cathy, Andy, Mary, David!!

Sara V & Meredith as Seniors in high school - now college graduates!!
Today she will be a beautiful bride!!

Meredith & Brian at Senior Prom - 4 years ago!!  Today he will be Sara V's groom!!!

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